Friday, September 20, 2013

First day for me.(at last)

 Yesterday, I asked Witty `where do you begin?`
`Where you left off last time` That seemed a reasonable place, so we did some finger knitting
Wisdom from Igshaan. `You got to kill your darlings.`

Time to kill of the old stuff.

Good bye yoga tailor.

While rolling thick wadding into spirals , I commented to Igshaan  that I felt like I was just tidying up . Conceptually ,we agreed that the pile in the corner was the most concentrated area of the wonderfully chaotic supply of materials we can experiment with, and that`s where I would tidy up. I remarked on the lovely bricked up window with an uneasy feeling of a vague memory  that `Toria had told me that this was the most dangerous place on the whole property, and the things were piled up there to discourage any one going anywhere near an extremely dodgey piece of floor.

Update 22/9/13
 Well, it appears that that is all complete fabrication (geddit?). The mill is 100% safe everywhere,( apart from Igshaans hanging death traps and Wittys plastic scrap skating ring by the door). I cannot believe I imagined that . The adrenalin rush made all the stacking interesting mind.

Does anyone else think this looks like cake. We are being so over fed.

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