Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Toria's post

    Wednesday 18th
   I wake early altho' I'm still tired. Gradually we all gather for breakfast and everyone meets my friend Liz Rodgers who has heroically volunteered to cook for all of us; Peter Baker is already here too, having arrived from York a few days ago. He's rested and has begun assembling bits and pieces in the back yard. We walk around the workshop spaces and I show Clif, Igshaan and Witty what's available to us. Within a short time they have scattered to begin rummaging amidst the piles of materials, abandoned personal items and scrap. I have to face the process of shifting my relationship to the factory
Clif and Witty in the backyard

Igshaan is happy

Witty's finds.... 

Pete explains 

Clif plans

Pete's window

Pete's view of Igshaan 

Igshaan assembles

Pete's construction

Clif drawing

Pete peers

Pete's tube

Lou and Igshaan

Lou's machine
and its contents from managerial to creative. 

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