Sunday, September 22, 2013

Popty day three , for me (Sunday)

Witty`s space
Beautiful Witty
 Cow stuffed with sheep
 words are not enough
Polite note

In the evenings after supper , which is always flowed by pudding deluxe version, we have been presenting our practices to each other. Tonight, Witty and Cliff spoke about their lives and practices in Bulawayo. It was a most humbling experience. Traditional family values and politics shape lives in a way I have never known or had reason to imagine. Of course, this becomes apparent in the work of practicing artists, and conversation after was enlightening and interesting. To be made aware on such a personal level, of 
how many extreme sacrifices fellow artists have made to be here at this projec,t is astounding. I am so glad to be here.

 Chocoslab monolith Cake experience.

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