Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Bit lost on which day I am on now but never mind. Pete got up this morning, and compared the misty morning weather to  Mariele Neudeckesr work. Which delighted me. I love her work. Pete has boundless energy and is full of ideas and conversation.Good start to the day! Made me think about the piece I am working on now
.............Neudecker start to the day!

 THin line
Fat shadow
Victoria Vermeer

I am finding it difficult to think out of the textile box that I normally operate from.The challenge for me is to make art that sits in the immediate surroundings, has a relationship with the surroundings, but doesn`t blend in so well it gets lost in the beautiful installation that is already the project area. Everything you look at is so interesting .
I have spent a fair amount of time just moving things around, seeing what happens. Trying to collaborate with Victoria, but she has the responsibility of running the project, and the proximity of her every day life to contend with. Discussing collaboration at the dinner table, and Witty quite rightly commented that its about the decision making, when you collaborate. How to either compromise, or work out a way that works for both parties.

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