Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Toria's post

   Monday 16th and Popty begins at Heathrow; Clif is first in from Zimbabwe via Jo'burg on the early flight. Apart from the loss of his phone and camera somewhere in transit he's fine and happy to get a tube into central London while I sleep in the car and wait for Igshaan a few hours later. By 3pm Witty has arrived too and we roll into town, have a cheerful supper at my sister's, who is enthusiastically accomodating all of all on every available bedspace , moving over to a neighbour's to give us room.
Tuesday 17th: we speed over to Tate Modern for 10am to meet Louise Sunderland from Triangle Network who invites us to go and visit Gasworks when we return to London after the workshop. We don't have enough time to do justice to the two temporary exhibitions, El Salahi and Meschac Gaba, both equally absorbing and deserving of a longer visit. At least we have seen them as they'll be finished by the time we're back.
A rainy wait at the bus stop to ride across London's centre, a taster for the first timers,a quick sandwich and into the car for what turned into a long drive through heavy traffic, torrential downpours, delivery of a gift elephant (wooden),surviving a near disastrous running out of petrol somewhere near Port Talbot,finally getting into the yard at Dolbantau after dark. I was quite dizzy with fatigue but happy to have delivered the precious cargo.
Cliford Zulu arrives for Popty bach 2013

Igshaan Adams.

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