Monday, September 23, 2013

Toria's post

   Catching up today after giving my presentation yesterday , taking Pete, Igshaan, Clif and Witty to a proper local pub (the only one open on a Sunday), an expedition for everyone to Carmarthen today to deliver posters to the art college  at Jobs Well for our open day  and  visit Oriel Myrddin  Gallery to see the current Mary Lloyd Jones show and meet their community arts officer Seren Stacey. The arrival of the three African artists seems to have the desired effect of turning heads wherever we go-good publicity. Staff at the college are enthusiastic and welcoming and promise to bring students up on Thursday.
Back at the mill later, I started working with Lou Bird, which is great fun and so much better than working alone-this is what I .......
pet's anenome

pete's elephant in the sunset

witty's women big and small

my flowerbed

igshaan talks to pam at oriel myrddin

igshaan and his web

pete's optical tunnel

my white painted lamp

lou's yellows

lou adjusts her curtain

moss garden

with Seren Lou and Witty at Oriel Myrddin

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pete's kalaidoscope

the wheel and lamp-sounds like a pub

my head in the shed, by Igshaan.

looking remarkably like prince charlie
was waiting for. 
Pete Telfer is coming to film here tomorrow for Culture Colony. Triangle Network has posted popty bach on its home page as an event-we exist in a wider web now.

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