Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday Openday Allday

Quarter to eight now, and still folks looking around. Liz `the amazing`, is operating a hot, hand made, pizza delivery service, like an angel with a baking tray.Anchovies and spinach and no cheese for me.
There must have been nearly a hundred people through the workshop space today, that is more than any private view I have been to recently. It has been good weather, and the feed back from the visitors has been wonderful. Witty broke our pact and moved her work. It was somewhere else though. 
Pete the film has been here and we all got interviewed for Culture Colony. Watch that space.
Sat for most of the day at the front of the workshop by the roller shutter, talking and taking photos.
That is, to all intents and purposes the end of the Popty Bach 2013 workshop. I am back to work in the morning , but back here tomorrow night.


moss circle
circle room

The whole roof

 these machines are art

 Witty quick draw
We all agree that its going to take a while to digest everything we have seen and done during the last ten days. Victoria has some catching up to do with this blog, and there is a bit more socializing to do over the week end. I may be a bit tired at work tomorrow.

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